Biscotti & Cars Site Launch! / by Ben Maurice Brown

Welcome to the Biscotti and Cars Website displaying images from

current, prior and future events. We welcome submission of selected

high quality jpeg images taken by attendees at Biscotti and Cars

events as well as other car events.  We also welcome constructive,

informative and humorous email comments from attendees about Biscotti

and Cars events. And, finally, we welcome email corrections of any errors

which attendees may detect in our website so that we keep our information

as accurate as possible. Please email your jpeg images, comments and

corrections to brownbenm@gmail. com.


The website photo gallery section will focus on  image quality,

rather than quantity, in displaying Biscotti and Cars events and other

car events. The website comments section will focus on sharing

interesting information and humor about many of the special cars

brought by attendees and Feature Car owners to Biscotti and Cars

events.  We look forward to seeing your images and comments.


And most important, just enjoy sitting back and looking at the images

on the Biscotti and Cars website. Come back and visit the website

often to see the periodic updates in images, comments and corrections.