2003 Audi RS6

The Audi RS6 is the ultimate sleeper sedan. It’s classic lines and modern design impart a sensible four door sedan but the 450hp 4.2 liter bi-turbo V8 mated to Audi’s incredible Quattro four wheel drive system, dynamically adjustable suspension, 8 piston front brake calipers and racing exhaust note paint a different, slightly more sinister picture.

It’s acceleration was unparalleled in it’s class and is still amazing by today’s standards. The RS6 Clocks in at 4.3 seconds to 60mph and 15 seconds to 100mph. This is seriously quick considering the car weighs just over 4400lbs. Additionally, the modern RS6 holds the world ice speed record of 208.6mph which was set in in Ivalo, Finland with a stock RS6 on studded snow tires.

The RS6' design and engineering was proven during in the North American SPEED World Challenge GT Series of auto racing where it claimed the manufacturers' championship victory successively in all three years it competed from 2002 to 2004. The RS6 is prominently featured in both the Gran Turismo and Forza racing simulation games on Microsoft's XBOX and Sony's Playstation gaming consoles. It's amazing how many kids we run into who compliment us on the car because of their familiarity with it in their favorite video games.

Our RS6, “Bella’s Beast’ was purchased just before our daughter Bella was born as we needed a four door sedan that could haul a stroller and various other child related accoutrements. I was looking for Subarus at the time I found it in Sonoma, CA. One test drive was all it took. Upon passing a mechanical inspection, we promptly acquired the car. Since we've had Bella's Beast, she's been to Tahoe several times, had some track time at Sonoma Raceway and has hauled countless bags of groceries home.